Being a professionally run enterprise with NIIF Fund II holding controlling stake and effective board oversight, sound Corporate Governance practices are fundamental to the Company’s quest of delivering long-term value to all its stakeholders.

Corporate Governance is a continuous process at Aseem Infrastructure Finance Limited. It is about commitment to sound values and ethical business conduct. Systems, policies and frameworks are regularly upgraded to meet the challenges of rapid growth in a dynamic external business environment.

AIFL has robust governance standards with clearly defined roles and responsibilities that ensure accountability. AIFL is a Board Managed company and the Management is guided by an experienced Board of Directors which comprises of nominees of NIIF and independent Board members.

The Board has primary responsibility for the discharge of AIFL’s activities and meets periodically for the establishment and review of the overall strategy. The key committees at AIFL have representation from the board and independent members to ensure strong processes and oversight.


Interest Rate Policy

Fair Practice Code

Related Party Transactions

Internal Guidelines on Corporate Governance

Whistle Blower Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Policy for prevention of Insider Trading

Remuneration policy

Code of Conduct and Ethics

RBI Disclosure on liquidity risk - March 31, 2020

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Standalone Results 2019 - 20

Consolidated Results 2019 - 20

Standalone Results 2020 - 21

Consolidated Results 2020 - 21

Independent Directors

RBI Disclosure on liquidity risk - June 30, 2021

AIFL Policy on appointment of SA

AIFL Credit Rating CRISIL Sep-21

AIFL Credit Rating ICRA Sep 21

MLD Valuation

Fit and Proper Criteria

Policy on Transfer of Loan

POSH Policy

Policy for transfer and Acquisitions of Loan Exposures

Debenture Trustee and Registrar and Transfer Agent

Board and Committees

Grievance Redressal information

Standalone Financial Results - Q3 2021-2022

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Shareholding Pattern

Shareholding Pattern 2020

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Annual Report

Annual Report 2019-2020

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AGM Notices

2nd AGM Notice

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Form MGT-7 2019-2020

Form MGT-7 2020-2021

Stock Exchange Intimation

Board Meeting Intimation - Regulation 50(1)

Outcome of Board Meeting

Board Meeting Intimation - 25 Feb

Outcome of BM 25-02-2022

EGM Intimation 25-02-2022

Intimation to NSE - Reg 50(1) - 08.12.2021

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EGM Intimation-Reg 51(1) - 09.03.2022

Board Meeting Intimation - 28.03.22

Board Meeting Outcome - 28.03.2022

Closure of trading window - 31.03.2022

Investor Grievances Reg(13)

Intimation under Reg 6(1) & 7(1)

Corporate Governance Report_REG 27(2)

1. Board Meeting Intimation - Regulation 50(1)

Financial Results - March 31,2022

Annual Secretarial Compliance Report

EGM Notices

AIFL EGM Notice - 02.12.2021

AIFL EGM Notice - 25.02.2022

AIFL EGM Notice - 09.03.2022